Monthly Video Campaigns

JTK Creative offers month-to-month packages with weekly video distribution on social-media to keep your brand fresh and relevant online. We create a focused concept of videos in series that are designed to attract and engage your ideal customer!

Standard Fees:

  • $497/hour (Filming fee) - Travel outside Amarillo, TX is extra.

  • $497/month (Base video editing) - (1) stack timeline and (4) videos.

  • $25/platform (Distribution) - Includes description, tags, title, thumbnail

Base Package:

  • $597/month (Suggested package price) - Price varies based on customer needs

  • Monthly editing of videos 1-3 minutes each; (4) videos per month.

  • Weekly video distribution on social-media; (4) videos per month.

  • Single platform uploading & optimization; (4) videos per month.

    Ad management options are available for an additional fee.

    No contract options available at an adjusted rate.

    Initial setup charges may be required to include filming fee.

    Discounts available for certain qualified clients.

Promo Media Sets

JTK Creative offers a “higher polished level” of promotional media sets that can include video and/or photo assets for your business. This package is great for websites, re-branding or launches. Whatever your need is this package is sure to leave the right impression on your customers.

Standard video Fees:

  • $497/hour (Filming fee) - Travel outside Amarillo, TX is extra.

  • $497/finished-minute (Base video editing) - x2 stack timeline.

  • $25/platform (Distribution) - Includes description, tags, title, thumbnail.

  • $149/hour (Video edit revision) - Featuring fast low-res proofing for speed.

  • $997/flat-rate (All un-edited video files) - Includes full rights; cloud-based upload.

    Affordable music available from (non-affiliate).

    Discounts available for certain qualified clients.

Photo rates:

  • $249/hour (Photography fee) - Travel outside Amarillo, TX is extra.

    All .Jpg photo’s are included FREE via our cloud-based shared link.

    Photo touch-up and finishing available at an extra fee.

    Discounts available for certain qualified clients.

Custom Media Projects

We understand that some projects are high-profile and may require a brain-storming period, larger crew, special equipment, actors/actresses, specific production budget, timing etc. so we offer custom bid packages for more conceptual style projects or advertising campaigns to meet your needs. We go the extra mile when you need that special touch of magic for your vision!

Paid Online Advertising

Spending ad budgets is an art as much as a science and that’s why we can help. We create a target audience, campaign objective, and strategy for getting people to your business or website in the most effective way possible. Whether on Facebook™, Instagram™, or YouTube™ we can move traffic to where you need it and give you the highest possibility of closing more deals/sales!

Website & Graphic Design

Websites have come a long way and so has graphic design. If you are looking for a simple but beautiful design that doesn’t take forever to complete then look no further! We use Squarespace™ to design stunning modern websites and landing pages for your business without all the hassle of traditional web companies. We also can create your brand’s graphics and design standard for online use with our brilliant design process.