Social-Media Marketing - Package (SMM)

Social-Media Marketing - Package (SMM)

2,997.00 every month
  • Social-Media Posting

  • Social-Media Audience

  • Social-Media Post Boosting

  • Social-Media Content Distribution

  • Social-Media Health Report

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Social-Media Posting

Designed for Facebook™ platform

∙ Professional daily social posts on Facebook™

∙ Autopilot and worry-free adjust focus as you go

∙ Refresh attention everyday and stay relevant

∙ Industry specific content shared for you

∙ Tell your ongoing story and connect with people

∙ Keep your brand in front of people

∙ Up to 128 characters per post w/ CTA’s

Additional social account(s) available as +add-on, post pre-approval is not currently available

Social-Media Audience

Designed for Facebook™ platform

∙ Content re-targeting for increased performance

∙ Targeted audiences for better engagement

∙ Grow your following with real interest

∙ Audience assets you can use long term

Includes (1) one custom targeted audience

Social-Media Post Boosting

Designed for Facebook™ platform

∙ Boost organic reach with paid post promotion

∙ Increased engagement with post boosting

∙ Convert engagement into new page followers

∙ Uses custom audience for budget optimization

budgets up to $100/month billed separate from package fee by ad platform directly to client’s credit card

Social-Media Content

Designed for Facebook™ platform∙

∙ Continued media distribution on Facebook™

∙ Worry free content processing pipeline

∙ 10gb cloud access to easily drop your media

∙ Professional results from your self-shot media

Editing not included, additional social account(s) available as +add-on

Social-Media Health Report

∙ Detailed audit of your internet health

∙ Identify any missing listings information

∙ Target elements to improve your online image

∙ See exactly what you need to work on

Report is generated monthly from platforms managed by JTK Creative