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— jacob t. kuker

JTK Creative is a “Media & Marketing Agency” located in Amarillo, Texas specializing in modern online media production techniques.

Our all-in-one solution makes marketing for your business easy with our in-house professional videography/photography options backed by our expert social-media marketing campaign management.

We offer in-house corporate videography & photography services in the Amarillo, Texas area including; Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa. We are happy to travel outside this area for the right project.

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Jacob T. Kuker - Founder


Creative Media & Marketing Agency.

Welcome Friend.

First off let me introduce myself; I’m Jacob T. Kuker, a creative, an artist, an entrepreneur. I specialize in social media marketing and unique creative media projects. The fact that you are here today has me really excited because you have just expanded your business’ possibilities by seeking a new way to get the attention that your business needs.

I love social media because that’s what it is for me a social experience. I remember the day I realized the power of social media because I finally saw someone doing it the right way and keeping it as a social experience.

There are a few main reasons people/businesses choose to seek myself and my team out for help with social media or a creative project. You may be in the same boat with others who have run into a wall or want to start a new approach. If you fit any of these scenarios then you are in the company of friends:

  1. If you have ever tried to engage with your business audience on social media and failed then you are not alone.

  2. If you scroll down your Facebook™ feed and wonder how you can do more to reach the people who need to see your business then you are amongst friends!

  3. If you have ever wanted your online efforts connected in a way that actually brings traffic to your website and more potential customers then you are on the right page!

I have seen it over and over businesses try to be real online and come off as tacky or just plain boring and your audience (potential customers) can smell these poor attempts a mile away. This is why I’m here to help make it easy for you and your business to connect with others online and on social media.

Your business has to be all in on social media and you probably know that or you wouldn’t be here but you just aren’t sure where to start or you aren’t happy with your current efforts.

If this sounds like you then I want you to know you are in the right place, I can help and you will be glad you became my friend.

Please allow me share more about my journey with you…

My Story.

I am Jacob T. Kuker and I have always had a unique perspective on the world and being raised as a homeschooled kid I was able to try new things that pushed the norm while finding success that others desired.

As a child I couldn’t help myself, I did everything I could to build little businesses from water-garden landscaping to a full blown professional snow-cone stand at the age of 10. I have always had a massive amount of creativity and a need to share it with others.

In my teens I created a massive Halloween attraction in my parent’s backyard that took me months and thousands of dollars to build as well as find actors for all the roles needed. This Halloween attraction was put on by me (with the consent of my parents) for FREE to anyone willing to walk through.

Once I was finally old enough to get a job I spent my early adult years working for community theatre, professional Halloween attractions and my State’s largest historical museum; all as a freely creative professional.

Because I had the freedom and opportunity to mentor under some truly incredible people I am able today to stand behind my creative view-point and push even harder toward helping others succeed. This is why I started JTK Creative so more people and businesses could have access to my unique POV and process.

Whether I am needed for social media marketing specifically or a very special creative media project, it is my duty and honor to share my creative gifts with others.

Trust me when I say; I know how it feels to desperately want to share my message and now that I have found out exactly how I can do that consistently I want to help share yours too!

My Creative Process.

Social media has greatly disrupted every aspect of my life and If you are anything like me then I know it has done the same for you too. From communication to shopping and eating out social media has a major bearing on what type of decisions I make.

I know for a fact that social media probably affects you in a similar way too. For example you are here on this page because of social media marketing or Google otherwise you never would have found me! Social media marketing clearly works and the ways to effectively use it are growing daily but success is never achieved unless first calculated; that’s where my process comes in.

My formula is simple and I honestly don’t know why more agencies don’t do what I do because it is very effective at getting attention and attention is what drives more business! My formula is this: Consistent Process + Creativity = Calculated Results (adjust and repeat).

I’m so glad you are here because that means you know the value of a positive social media image online and have the desire for your business to succeed in all that you dream of for the good of your family, community and even our world.

My proprietary creative process ensures constancy and creativity can live together in harmony without the total sacrifice of either. It has taken me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to build this process and introduce it to the market so you can benefit from my lessons learned at my own expense.

I think it is extremely important to not only be creative but find a way to sustain that creativity to manifest real results and ultimately attention because creativity without constant attention is useless and so is your business.

What Can You Do?

I am sure by now you know if you want to continue this conversation and get some feedback on your unique needs and questions so I want to extend an honest simple invite for you to engage me and my team in further discussion regarding what matters most; your success.

If you want some personal attention from us now is the time to ask for it. I want to make a real connection with you and can help unlock some great opportunities over the phone but you have to make the decision now to ask us for our input and open the door for our friendship and communication.

Here at JTK Creative would love to do business with you and believe that business should be like any good relationship; transparent and honest. First off we will assess if we think we would be a good fit for you and your business or not. It is our belief and policy that we only want to work with people we can truly help.

Let’s talk more and look at your business or project needs. Fill out our simple but helpful form below so we can start this creative process off right.

The decision is yours… is it time for a change?


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- Jacob T. Kuker

I strongly believe in maintaining a positive 10X growth mindset, creating partnerships with purpose, and always striving for significant increase in every outcome.
— jacob t. kuker

Let’s talk more and look at your business or project needs. Fill out our simple but helpful form below so we can start this creative process off right.

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